america wants change.

SUZY! things good are happening.
things good are unrolling.
things good DO EXIST!

and so, all my complaints aside of LA and my missing SF, i’m still blessed to be surrounded by a big crowd of people interested and angry and happy. pushing each other to vote. voting. CHANGING IT.

I DON’T want ANDWELOVE to become so political. but how can we help it?

i had an amazing time with my mom in town. met christopher. everyone was well and glad. we spend a day at the beach and a day shopping and a day watching tv and everyday eating. what wonderfulness.

real quick: sunday’s menu at alexander’s house:
meatless meatloaf/lentil loaf.
stri fry onions, muchrooms, celery, garlic, spices-esp coriander.
add to soft lentils and barley. mix with egg and breadcrumbs. bake for 30-40 mins.


also. great caesar salad with capers.
beet salad SO GOOD.

cadbury chocolate fundue with rasperries and bananas and dougnuts for DESSERT!.

fucking yum. food is WHERE LOVE IS.

the iraq movie was a strange thing. i told a friend about it and she reported back to me how unreliable the sources are. anyway, i’m glad folk are still sceptical. we must always remain sceptical of all these things we hear. especially far left/far right.

were you able to vote in ny, ct, nj? we are nomads.

i love and think of you MISS NEW YORK CITY/BROOKLYN.

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One Response to america wants change.

  1. Juli says:

    I have been waiting for one of you two to post something on the election (thanks for the recipie though, I need more meatless stuff that will fool my BF into thinking he is eating meat)

    granted, I hear enough politics, don’t want to chat too much more, but I was so happy that some change looks like it might start ocurring. Plus, this has been like the first election where people I voted for actually won. So that of course made me feel good. And like I was helping to facilitate change in my own small way…..

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